Thursday, February 2, 2017


Cyberbullying is very real and most likely something we have all encountered in our lives. Whether we were the victim, the spectator, or (hopefully not) the attacker. I believe many people take cyberbullying too lightly and do not realize it is just as harmful as bullying in person. Because of the anonymity online as the book mentioned, I think that many people use that anonymity as a sort of safety net when they lash out at others. They are free to express whatever they are thinking without any repercussions, though it is occasionally possible to catch these people. Schools have done a tremendous amount of work to eliminate cyberbullying between students, but let's face it - cyberbullying will never end. It sometimes seems that the more schools do to prevent it, the more it happens. Teenagers love to rebel and that is a culture that will never fade. Social media, while good and bad, is never going away; thus, neither is cyberbulling.